Magomago Rakugo Bairintei Garbo Version

Master (Shisho): Shomontei Raifuku
Master is usually professional Rakugo performer with at least 15 years of career with great skills of performance.
Second stage (Futatsu-me): Shomontei Namino-jo
Second stage performer is usually who just finished his/her training period.
Trainee (Zenza): Shomontei Magomago.
Trainee is in his/her first three to four years of training.
Master Raifuku’s granddaughter.
Trainee (Zenza): Shomontei Rakugo
Rakugo is Magomago’s rival.
Bai-rin-tei Garbo
She studied under a different Rakugo family, and teaches English Rakugo.